What is FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW about?
Feet Don't Fail Me Now is the story of Rhythmic Circus, a group of desperately excited and uniquely talented tap dancers who are on a mission to do no less than inspire every single man, woman, and child on earth to find the hidden dancer that lives inside of them.

From hopeless love to soulful melodies, Rhythmic Circus takes you from their childhood baseball practice all the way to the "Big Top Circus" of their rhythmic dreams! It is a wildly creative take on tap dance, music and the inspiring energy that comes from following your dreams!
How did everyone in the group meet?
The cast of Feet Don’t Fail Me Now is a group of strange and uniquely talented friends who have been celebrating life, music, and dance in dorm rooms and on apartment porches long before they called themselves Rhythmic Circus.

The dancers first met as kids through the Twin Cities’ dance competition scene. First trying to out dance each other and later befriending each other in order to take their dances to the next level. They have been working on projects together ever since.

The band’s core musicians have similar childhood roots that date back to being on the same elementary school bus route. Throughout the years, they supported each other’s music, played gigs together at every opportunity and built one of the most celebrated local rock and blues bands in the Minneapolis area.

The two worlds first crossed at the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Competition in the summer of 1998. The dancers and the band officially “found” each other backstage while waiting to perform at the MN Grandstand. They quickly decided it was necessary to join forces and started working on a project together that fall.

Other members of the band came from the group’s college years. They joined up with the core group of musicians while attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth to play local gigs in the Duluth area and eventually built a loyal following throughout Minnesota.

The group considers their final original member to be “The Kid” who is the younger brother of an old dance competition rival. When “The Kid” came on board for a show in 2009, Rhythmic Circus was complete and ready to take their show to the people.

The cast members of Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! currently all reside in the Twin Cities of MN and look forward to their 3rd National Tour of Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!
How did you come up with the concept for your show?
Ultimately, the concept for Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! is drawn directly from the reality of the lives of the cast. The show is a reflection of the positive energy the group has continuously bounced off each other over the past decade while fighting for their belief in each other and for their collective dreams.
Who would enjoy your show?
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! is for audiences of all ages. It is for anyone who has ever danced, anyone who has ever sang a song and anyone who has ever taken a leap of faith. It’s a show for dreamers and even more so, it’s a show for realists. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! aims to change the mind of anyone who believes that dreaming, by nature, is an act of someone who isn’t awake in the world we all live in. Also, it’s a show based on honesty, therefore it’s also a show for people that find humor and irony in their day- to-day lives.
Why should I come to your show?
Because of it’s nature, live theatre is truly unique every night and offers a deeper level of connection with its performers than other forms of entertainment. This particular show aims to engage and inspire as well as entertain audiences on all levels. Through the combination of the cast’s talent, passion, and wholesome comedic perspective, mixed with all original music and a truly groundbreaking brand of tap dance has been winning over audiences around the world for 5 years. Plus (and maybe most importantly), many guys have reported that their dates have fallen madly in love with them after attending Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!
Is your show appropriate for children?
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! is appropriate for children of all ages - 5 to 85 years old!
What are the group’s most memorable/favorite tour stops?
There are many variables that go into this answer. Answers swing depending on if the debate is about geographic location, the energy of the audience or the venue visited in general. Due to the nature of live entertainment, every single show truly takes on its own personality and that as well can add value to any given performance.

The list of group favorites is far too long to list here, but the amazing energy and huge amphitheater crowds in St. Thomas, VI and Pasadena, CA – the electric energy of the sold out show in Lake Charles, LA – the wide open approach and pure fun of the busking performances in Edinburgh, Scotland – and the passion and love felt at the group’s homecoming performances at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis, MN – finds its way into just about every conversation that comes up about favorite tour stops with Rhythmic Circus.
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